Gender:  Male

Age:  early 30’s

Occupation:  Child Psychiatrist

Marital Status:  Married

I’m definitely new to backpacking and only marginally experienced in the whole hiking thing as well.  As we’ve been out on the trail more and more I find that I love the challenge of it and the complete departure from the rest of my life.  There is something about being in a place and knowing that I am only able to be there because I could manage the trail that brought me there.  Be it a vista, a secluded lunch spot, or even a night of good time with fellow hikers, I try to always stop to appreciate the unique opportunity that few others get.

When we embark on our hike next year I am both confident and pessimistic.  Confident because the easiest way to get me to do anything is to tell me I can’t and then put me in a place where others can watch whether I achieve or not.  To that end I think this blog will be extremely functional in committing me to a buy-in of staying on the trail unless medically unable.  My pessimism lies in two areas, physical and mental.  Physical- I have the usual bi-pedal American problems: bad knees and ankles and a bad back.  Mental though is a different game.  I have a tremendous propensity to get bored with things and walk away from them.  Just ask my mom about her attempts to find a cereal my sister and I would eat more than a month in a row.  Then ask them about the saxaphone… oi.

No matter how it goes, our hike will come at the culmination of my residency training and the beginning of my career.  For 25 years I have been working toward this point.  What better way to celebrate than to walk in the woods for 6 months.  I will never have this kind of opportunity again until I retire.

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