I’m still here!!!

Well life has been absolutely bananas lately.

It’s all pretty good though.  We are getting married in a month.  I am taking my board licensing exam in 3 weeks (sounded like a better idea when I signed up for it).  We are planning our honeymoon to Munich for Oktoberfest and then 10 days in Italy.

Ironically while hiking has taken a back seat completely you wouldn’t know it from our diet.  Yes friends the beauty of paying for a large part of your wedding is that there is a reason you don’t have thousands of dollars in your account right now– that shit is hard to save up.  So we have gone super frugal.

You may not have anticipated that while your hiking skills lend you the ability to survive in the woods it also lends you to survive at home.  While we haven’t broken out the isobutane burners just yet we definitely have found 99 ways to eat Ramen.  Yep, our cuisine du jour has basically been trail food.  Just not the high fat stuff… gotta watch my tuxedo figure.

One really cool thing I am anticipating is that the wedding is allowing us to take the week before off for preparation.  This means that I am going to try to plan for my dad and I to be able to do a father-son overnight hike!  I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.  It should be an incredibly special experience.  If anyone has tips on where to do an easy overnight in New York please let me know.  We will be staying in New Paltz so that’s our basecamp.  I’ve thrown around that the AT in NY is probably our best shot.  But I know there are probably a ton of other options.  I’d love the feedback!!!

Well, again I apologize for my absence of posting.  I have a lot of ideas cooking including Kory’s Guide to Using a Privy and Not Getting Poo on Your Hands; Kory’s Review of Appalachian Trials; and some trip reports from our initial hikes a year ago.

Hope everyone is doing well.  A huge congrats as all the March Northbounders are starting to finish:

Rayo’s incredible daily blog the whole way, I think he may get the award for most consistently positive attitude this year

Beau and Mackenzie’s couple thru-hike, basically we are going to copy them as much as possible

and soon to finish

Travis/Nitrous Oxide’s similarly awesome daily journal

Lori / Passionflower, a pretty cool transformation story over time, especially since a damn bear sat on her

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1 Response to I’m still here!!!

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Ha, thanks for the shout out! I’d love to talk to you more about your plans. Feel free to email me at mackenzieparks@gmail.com.

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